At this moment, Lin Feng and all the audience in Cologne Gymnasium discovered that old K, who had always been invisible, would suddenly show off his exercises.

Little did I know that at this time, Lao K’s hands were shaking unconsciously in the competition field.
Still muttering some nonsense in his mouth
Of course, no one will pay attention to what it is.
Because the scene was originally hunted down, Carl and Neng Knight directly ambushed Millie with a beautiful counterattack to prepare for SK to chase the trio.
The skill of adding blood to knight is baptism.
Instantly restores the health of a friendly unit and deals damage to enemy units in the vicinity of 25. The casting distance is 4 damage, depending on the magical plague spell to attack the sacred damage.
At level 4, immediately restores 36 health to a friendly unit and deals 36 damage to nearby enemy units. Casting interval: 1 second casting cost: 16 magic.
Look hurt!
In DOA, it is rare to see the sacred injury skill. Lin Feng can count the deer K laser goblin woodcutter skills with one hand to fight back.
There is actually one knight in the humble assistant daddy, and it is this skill that doomed the tragedy of SK team.
The first thing to bear is dark grazing.
Zhai Hao did two things when he pulled Carl back.
Put skills and cut skills.
Setting fire to the sky is smart and quick!
Carl’s hand-cutting skills are unparalleled in Zhai Hao.
Faster, faster, faster
Zhai Hao said to himself in his heart that you must be faster.
Self-confidence Zhai Hao broke out with strong self-confidence at this moment.
I gave my life to fight for the old K. I died in the tower and I won’t return the small stone. I lost myself, ZGDYD!
Shua ~
The keyboard is not visible in Zhai Hao’s hands.
Sitting next to Zhai Hao, the small stone felt like the keyboard was gently touched by Zhai Hao when he cut skills in Zhai Hao.
But the keyboard sounds are inaudible.
No sound?
It’s a small stone. I didn’t hear a sound at all
You know, now the finals are all CHARRY black axis games, and the tapping sound of the keyboard theory is very small, but the keyboard sound can still be clearly heard in the professional competition when the professional players are excited and enthusiastic.
Because the gap between the shaft and the key is pressed, there is still a little noise.
So now Zhai Hao’s fingers are tapping on the keyboard but there is no sound?
What is this?
Little Stone thinks much in his spare time because Yu Guang ricard in the field of vision has been reflexively close to SK on the screen to kill the trio, and then he pays attention to the display in front of him. When Skyfire has accurately hit and taken away a lot of blood by divine injury, he is still indifferent to the dark shepherd.
Plop ~
Dark grazing on the ground
VIGOS knew that Zhai Hao and Lao K were going to kill each other before he saw Knight Neng cheating on him.
EH was not famous for his invincible record.
But always turn the tide in times of crisis.
The weak is better than the strong, and the decadent magic will not become possible, which is where EH was most talked about in those days.
Superman saves the world in American blockbusters also plays in DOA.
That is, you can be doing anti-killing now!
Extreme escape and extreme anti-killing ZGDYD team prophet has extreme escape in the previous chase.
So, can Carl and Knight Neng fight back to the limit?
VIGOS will never allow this to happen.
VIGOS is pulling VIP, so he has to retreat from pulling and shadowing.
The distance is pulled, but the sacred injury of baptism and the dark priest’s suffering from skyfire are still accurate hits.
The only aid to pursue the instantaneous loss of the trio
Clockwork goblins react slowly.
Only after the knight can be baptized can the barrage impact be released.
How slow?
The slow knight has set up his own domestic yellow goblin!
Although this able knight has been spit out several times, the shrinking skill has changed from the original enemy state to the domestic magic damage, which has been proved on several occasions that it is to pit his teammates and pit himself.
In this game, it has become the most critical skill.
The knight beside VIP turned into a small tank that completely saw the VIP venom attack and also saw the impact of the clockwork barrage.
Clockwork goblins can see that knights can see their skills, so they can stick them face to face and prepare to kill VIP Carl.
When Xiaoshi saw the clockwork goblin leaving VIP, he knew that the clockwork goblin was wrong.
Wrong is very outrageous.
Because Zhai Hao didn’t go for the clockwork goblin, Lao K and Zhai Hao both had the same goal, and that was VIGOS.
If the clockwork goblin gets the energy gear, the road ghost will definitely make a big move to support the road to cut into the battlefield and harvest Carl and the energy knight
Even if Kalce walks in the shadows, he can retreat alone.
The knight will definitely stay.
But clockwork made a big move to hook Carl and want to kill Carl alone.
When Zhai Hao was flying clockwork to Carl, Jeancard suddenly disappeared into the map.
To be precise, it disappeared into the map that SK team could see.
The audience and the audience before the live broadcast can see Lin Feng and Carl. After the ghost walk, the figure is slightly delayed, but it is still going straight to VIP.
The wind-up is slow because the knight of energy degenerates, the aura slows down because of Carl’s ghost walk, and because Carl and the knight of energy switch places.
Can knight and Carl transpose and get stuck in clockwork and VIP directly.