Gan Ning curled his lips. "It turned out to be a hurtful and boring person. It’s really boring."

"You! You crazy kid, grandpa can still kill you if he is injured! " Zhou Cang nu way
Gan Ning is a master who is not afraid of causing trouble. His eyes are cold. "Do you really want to fight!"
"Come on! Afraid of you! " Zhou Cang roared.
Li Zhuang quickly inserted in the front of the two men and retreated Zhou Cang to one side. "Yuan Fu, you should say less. You can’t beat him. Isn’t this bring disgrace to oneself?"
Zhou Cang was speechless, and Zhou Cang already knew that he was no match for the young lang, but he just couldn’t stand the arrogance and anger of the young lang. "I can’t suppress that tone!"
"Let Huang Dage crush his arrogance later. What’s the hurry?" Li Zhuang said.
"Oh, yes, I want Huang Dage to teach him a lesson and see if he dares to be arrogant." Zhou Cang immediately agreed
"Hey, what are you two whispering about? If you don’t take me to see your cheap master, I’ll leave! " Gan ning said at a side
Li Zhuang said, "OK, I’m going to take a carriage to Yuanfu, Tianmen Town. Your wound has healed again. Go back to your room and have a rest."
Zhou Cang refused to "what is this minor injury to me, Zhou Cang? Wait for me to change my clothes and go with you."
"hey! Han enough! Young master, I appreciate you being a tough guy. How about making friends? " Gan ning accidentally looked at Zhou Cang and said that he had to make friends just now. What the hell is this!
"Cut a kid into a grandfather. How can I be friends with a kid like you?" Zhou Cang directly refused
However, in the end, the two people were chatting on the way to Tianmen Town, and it seems that there is still a feeling of meeting late.
Zhou Cang Ganning also did the same thing. The difference is that one is in the water and the other is on the land. There are similarities and differences. It is very congenial, and soon the brothers are commensurate.
"Brother Cang just made a heavy move and was very embarrassed," said Gan Ning apologetically in the carriage.
"Nothing, just a minor injury." Zhou Cang didn’t care.
"Brother Cang, you and your uncle’s martial arts should be among the best in Tianmen Town. If you don’t guard the camp, you have to come and guard a small town!" Gan ning asked
Zhou Cang smiled, "One of the best. I don’t dare to be one of the best. Since I first came to this town, I knew that I was by no means one of the best. I had Huang Dage and Li Dage before, and then I had a music brother, and it was even more impossible to be one of the best."
"Huang Dage? Will this Huang Dage be stronger than uncle? " Gan ning wondered that he certainly knew that Li Dage meant Li Zhuang.
Li Zhuang said without hesitation, "I am better than Huang Dage than fireflies. Are you better than me?"
“ ` ` w w w
"What? Actually so strong! " Gan Ning was shocked to see that Li Zhuang’s tone was not like a fake heart. He naturally knew that Li Zhuang was also an arrogant person, which made Li Zhuang feel so ashamed that he was inferior to others. What is the sacred party? Gan Ning added an expectation to this trip to Tianmen Town.
Chapter one hundred and twelve Do you dare to come
At this time, he was on his way to Jiangling County Road. Li She didn’t know that a huge pie had fallen on his head. He looked around at the yellow branches and felt sleepy in the carriage.
Li She felt that Zhang Kou said to the driver outside the carriage, "How far is Wen Qian?"
"Master, don’t worry, you haven’t walked halfway. If you think it’s interesting, you might as well sleep," Lejin replied.
"If I were asleep, I wouldn’t call you." Li said with some sighs, "Robbery has lost a lot of fun since the end of the Yellow turban insurrectionary chaos …"
Yu! Before Li finished talking, Le Jin suddenly stopped the carriage and said to Li She, "You’re not interested in the robbery!"
"oh? What a coincidence? " Li She didn’t believe that the carriage with the curtains was really stopped by a group of people, and it was actually a group of women players. Their clothes were tattered, dirty and unkempt, so they couldn’t see their faces, which was hard to see in the beauty of modern women.
Le Jin was about to take a knife cart but was stopped by Li She, who really didn’t have the heart to go to the female Li She.
"Ladies, what do you want to do?" Li she asked
One of the leaders said, "Don’t you understand? We’re bandits. No, now we should ask mountain thieves to hand over your money and I’ll let you go! "
"Wen Qian will give them money!" Li She said
"Master this? Master, you won’t do this because you are greedy for beauty, will you? " Le Jin handed the purse to Li She.
"covet a fart beauty! I can’t even see them clearly! " Li involved in the language, why is the imagination of Le Jin so rich, or is it that he is a sex addict in Le Jin’s mind? He has to change his impression in Le Jin’s mind quickly.
Li She said that it was impossible to enjoy music at all. I thought that the flower master had done it in broad daylight before even showing the sample.
In fact, Li Xie is pitiful. They are a group of women. After the reality is shattered, those female players are very miserable. They are either occupied by those powerful landlords np or betray themselves to seek protection from those powerful players.
There are many female players who are miserable. They are beautiful and always accompanied by a group of pugs who please themselves. However, after the reality is destroyed, these pugs are crazy, regardless of the possession of beautiful women, they also silently leave humiliating tears.
There are also some virgin players who drag out an ignoble existence and enter the fireworks field with tears in their eyes, and they can never turn over. The total female player is very miserable. There are some female players in Tianmen Town who still can’t forget the horror. This is also the reason why Li She took the initiative to take out money instead of resisting this robbery.
Li She handed over the money and said, "This is all the money we have. I hope I can help you."
The group of women looked at each other. At last, the woman who was like a leader slowly came to the carriage. Looking at Lejin warily, she seemed to know that Lejin was very annoying and said to Li She, "Don’t cheat! We are fierce! "
"Come on, I know you are fierce. Take it away quickly. We have to hurry!" Li she also made a joke and deliberately aggravated the pronunciation of the word’ fierce’, but she didn’t come to herself. This woman is really fierce.
The woman ran quickly and grabbed the purse in Li’s hand, and ran back quickly to open her mouth and said, "Thank you."
At this time, there was a burst of laughter coming from behind this group of women. "Ha ha ha! Beauty! I see where you are going! "
"run! Run! " There is another woman nasty shouted.
"It seems that the president is in danger!" The woman who just took Li’s purse said
When other women heard this sound, they had already rushed into the dead forest beside them to make a sound quickly.
The woman who took Li’s purse said, "Thank you. I’ll pay you back when I have the chance!" " Say it and hurry.
Li She quickly jumped out of the car and said to Le Jin, "Wen Qian, I’ll go and see if you tie the carriage before you come!"
Looking at Li She has disappeared in the jungle, Le Jin muttered, "I don’t admit that I am greedy for beauty. I ran fast when I heard this group of women have an accident." It seems that Li She has already finalized in Le Jin’s heart.
Although I think so in my heart, I am still worried about Li’s safety and silently tied the carriage with a knife and flew away.