Big honey used to go to bars before, so he didn’t have any opinions on this matter, and he thought that Dong Laoer was right. Going to bars was a way to release pressure, and he could throw away all the burdens, immerse himself in music and swing with it, so that his body and mind would be relaxed. When he got up early the next day, he might not have any troubles.

No matter how big it is today, it will be a small matter every day. No matter how big it is this year, it will be a story in 2008. All the pains and troubles will become a thing of the past, and people need to release them, so that they can live easier.
Pearl Krabs has never been to a nightclub before. She belongs to the kind of person who wants to compete with boys every day. When she was studying, she studied hard to surpass those boys whose grades were better than her. After graduation, she chose to be a professional player. It is the same way to compete with men for heights and experience those forms of entertainment when she has little spare time. She is so monotonous in her life that she has never even been to the cinema several times. This is incredible in modern society!
She didn’t want to go, but she didn’t want to spoil everyone’s fun when Zhao Xiayang didn’t go alone, and she also wanted to see what Chinese nightclubs were like. When she was reading, she envied those literary experts. They were more beautiful than elegant dancing on stage, and she had never been so big as an artistic cell and never performed on stage, except when she was forced to participate in a chorus in kindergarten. Of course, she couldn’t be lucky.
Thomas has always lived in China, but after all, one of his parents is a westerner, and he has received some western education. He does not reject going to bars at all, but he is very much looking forward to foreigners being very popular in bars. They all look like that kind of man with high nose and deep eyes. Many girls like this kind of man.
Thomas has a face that looks like Beckham in the bar, which makes the girls crazy. He is very much looking forward to it, and he can’t help but feel excited and wants to enter the nightclub for fun as soon as possible.
Five people took two taxis to Fuzhou nightclub respectively. In the middle place, there is a nightclub called Shengshi Huihuang, which looks very splendid. It looks like a European-style palace with bright lights and flashing lights is particularly eye-catching at night.
There are four tall men in suits at the door, all of whom are strong and powerful. It makes people feel that this store must have a deep background and it is safe to enter this store. Ordinary people dare not make trouble in it, or they will definitely be thrown out by these bruisers.
Ye Qing and others just walked to the door when a foreman-like man came over with a walkie-talkie in his hand and asked politely, "Have you booked a table?"
"no! Is there room? " Dong Lao er asked
"There is a place where you want to sing and drink or in the hall …"
"the hall!" Before the foreman could speak, Dong Laoer came to the bar first, just to feel the atmosphere in the middle of the dance floor. It is better to go directly to kv to sing and drink.
In general, the hall is divided into a drinking area and a dancing area. The drinking area is usually drinking wine and listening to music. Maybe the body will swing gently or beat with the music, while the people in the dancing area are mostly passionate and twisted. Generally, there is a small stage with resident singers performing and daner dancing, which can drive the guests to get high together.
"Come with me, please." The foreman was very polite. He walked in front and Ye Qing and others followed him and went in.
After entering the door, there is a long and narrow corridor. I don’t know if it is glass or sequins on both sides of the wall. The lights are shining very brightly.
After a few steps, I saw a door on both sides of the corridor, which must be the so-called wrapped facade. It also said that the sound insulation effect of Royal No.1 and Royal No.2 rooms was very good, but someone must be singing inside, but it was almost inaudible outside.
This corridor is about 50 meters long. When it comes to the end, it turns right. At this time, Ye Qing heard noisy people and explosive music. Someone was screaming and cheering. The atmosphere was quite high. Dong Laoer and Thomas were both excited and eager to rush in.
The foreman took them into the dance floor, where the lights were gorgeous, and many men and women were swinging in the middle of the dance floor. The good acoustics made the music look very shocking, and people with heart disease probably couldn’t stand the atmosphere.
The foreman led them to occupy a place in the drinking area, just enough for six people. Zhao Xiayang didn’t come, but the five of them didn’t seem crowded. Honey sat next to Ye Qing, and then Dong Laoer ordered a case of beer and asked for two dice and dice cups.
When the foreman saw that Dong Laoer didn’t order a few foreign wines, he suddenly lost his enthusiasm to greet a man who gave them wine and then turned around and left. Dong Laoer is a person who often hangs out in bars. Of course, he knows that there is something fishy about this. The so-called foreign wine root is a domestic national wine bar, and there is almost no real foreign wine unless it is the top bar that entertains giants and officials.
Ordinary bars are almost always old bottles and new wine. Where can ordinary people drink it? When they see that the bottle is written in foreign languages, they feel that they are drinking very well. Even if it contains Sprite, they will pretend to say a good wine!
Chapter 7 strike up a conversation
After the beer came, Dong Laoer became active and filled all five cups, then picked up two dice and threw them into the dice cup to greet everyone. "Come and guess the size, and if you guess right, you won’t drink your own cup. If you guess wrong, you should drink one cup at a time and don’t cheat!"
"I don’t want to participate. I want to swing in the middle of the dance floor!" Thomas got up and left. Dong Laoer suddenly said, "What a disappointment!"
"I won’t participate either. I’ll feel the charm of a slow shake!" Pearl Krabs also got up and walked to the dance floor. Big Honey and Ye Qing looked at each other and then said, "Let’s release a pressure."
Dong Laoer looked at five glasses of beer on the table and was very depressed. He picked up a cup and drank it in one gulp, then angrily said, "What kind of people come to the bar and don’t drink! Bars, bars are supposed to be places to drink. What are these guys doing here? Drinking is the most stressful thing. If you are drunk, you can sleep until dawn without any pressure. "
After that, he thought it was quite interesting to be alone, so he put a cup on the dance floor. Ye Qing and Da Mi shook their bodies face to face. At this time, the dj had changed the explosive dance music into light music, which was very suitable for Ye Qing. Now they can listen to the music quietly and relax their bodies completely.
Thomas had already struck up a conversation with a younger sister, who seemed to be chatting heartily. The younger sister came with some friends and they were all girls, so Thomas generously invited them to drink, and a group of people returned to the drinking area.
Dong Laoer couldn’t help but be jealous when he saw that Thomas was so popular. He also wanted to strike up a conversation with a younger sister, but he was embarrassed when he thought of Ye Qing’s presence. He had to twist his body hard in the middle of the dance floor and then gather around Pearl Krabs and say, "Are you interested in dancing in pairs?"
"Not interested!" Pearl Krabs with the wave motioned Dong Laoer aside Dong Laoer was very depressed, so he took a look at Ye Qing and Da Mi and found that they were dancing with a veneer, which was actually not a dance, but it was just a gentle shake with the music.
Ye Qing and Da Mi both seemed to be immersed in the music, and Dong Laoer sneaked away. He saw a woman wearing a halter in front of the bar, which was very charming, especially the jade back was white and bright.
This woman seems to be drinking one glass after another without stopping. Dong Laoer has just come to her side. She has already drunk half a bottle of foreign wine and her face is flushed. The whole person is in a state of intoxication.
"Hey, beauty, can I buy you a drink?" Dong Laoer sat down next to the woman, which is very polite and authentic. This is the most common way to strike up a conversation in a bar. He also glanced at the woman’s face. This woman is also very beautiful, and her facial features are very three-dimensional, giving people a feeling of Leng Yan.
Her eyes are very beautiful, as if the stars are bright and mysterious at night, and the deep ravine in her chest makes Dong Laoer swallow a mouthful of water.
"I need you to please? Don’t you think I can’t afford to drink? Look at what year this bottle of wine is. I drank half of it … "The woman is probably a little drunk, and her speech is not very clear, but her tone is very arrogant, which makes Dong Laoer suddenly a little embarrassed.
He is an old hand at hanging out in bars and drinking a lot of wine. Of course, he also has some research on wine. Foreign wine is all foreign wines. In fact, there are many kinds of foreign wines, such as wine, brandy, whisky, vodka and so on. Judging from the bottle, this woman drinks brandy obviously.
Since this woman talks about vintage, this bottle of foreign wine must be vintage wine. The vintage wine is O, which means that it takes two years for brandy to be called O, and it will be called Louis XIII in fifty years.
Louis XIII usually costs more than 10 thousand yuan, and a bottle with a large quantity costs more than 20 thousand yuan. It is said that a well-packed bottle of Louis XIII costs more than 2 thousand yuan, which shows the value of this wine
O is more famous as Hennessy. Hennessy O is the world’s first bottle of O from Hennessy family. Dong Laoer can see at a glance that this woman is drinking Hennessy O. The market price of this bottle is more than 2,000 yuan, which is probably equivalent to Louis XIII. The price is also very good.
It is generally impossible to have a top brandy, Hennessy O, such as Louis XIII in a local bar, but it is relatively common, but not many people can afford it. This woman drinks Hennessy alone and looks at her family’s wealth. Either she has money at home or she has a rich man!
This kind of lonely young woman or drunken dissatisfied wife is still very common in bars. Dong Laoer has seen more and hooked up with several. He picked up the half bottle of foreign wine and waved it with a relaxed smile. "Hennessy O women rarely drink this kind of wine, but you are amazing!"
"I didn’t expect you to know how to drink this half bottle with me?" The woman smiled charmingly and then raised the cup. Dong Laoer gave him a cup with a snap of his fingers at the bar.
Dong Laoer picked up the bottle and poured himself a glass. He smiled and touched the woman with a "cheers!"
The woman looked up and drank the wine in the cup. When she put it in the cup, her whole face turned red again. When the light was ripe, the eyes of the apple became more blurred. Dong Laoer was experienced and didn’t worry at all. He smacked his mouth and said, "It’s quite strong and enjoyable, but your drinking method is purely drunk!"
"Nonsense who don’t get drunk … who his mama come to the bar!" The woman is very tough and authentic, but her speech is a little Lickitung. Dong Laoer smiled and said, "It seems that you have something on your mind and you don’t mind if I am an audience?"
"Do you want me to tell you what I don’t care about and make you happy? You … how can you be so heartless! " The woman picked up the bottle and poured herself a glass of wine. Before Dong Laoer could react, she drank it all at once. This drinking method scared Dong Laoer, who had never seen such a tough woman drinking before.