And once he can finish the shipment of Haizhu, he will be able to really play his power! And this is the deep sea, and he can exert his power even more!

The last sword flew past Xiao Wen, and brought out a blood hole on the outside of Xiao Wen’s right leg. This was the first attack of Tianjian Array, which finally ended.
But the main sword, which could have launched a second attack, didn’t fly again, but hovered in front of Meng Muyu.
In the main sword, all twelve swords are dragged back.
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ….."
Meng Muyu first chuckled, then laughed and finally laughed wildly!
This old man is so full of pride that an old man should not have!
Because he has already felt that Xiao Wen has already done those things, and he just used that trick, which is not the strongest killing trick in the heavenly sword array. That trick needs to be brewed before it can be launched, and now he can launch that strongest killing trick!
In fact, it should be said to be a combat mode. Now Meng Muyu can enter that combat mode at any time!
Zhuang Jiuling had been preparing to kill him. After seeing Xiao Wen being beaten black and blue by Meng Muyu’s sword array, he realized that he probably didn’t have to do it again. He knew very well that Meng Muyu would definitely want that kind of fighting mode. Otherwise, how could Meng Muyu, an old guy, laugh so hard?
Then he saw Meng Muyu holding the handle of the nine-fire golden crystal sword with both hands and holding the latosolic red fairy sword above his head.
Sure enough, this old guy is really excited. When he enters that fighting mode, Xiao Wen should not be able to stop a move. Zhuang Jiuling said in his heart.
Next to a burning sword, it gave a shock and quickly sank into the medium latosolic red female sword, and then listened to "om, om", and one sword flew into the straight one after another.
At this time, the mother sword was so bright that it was a bit dazzling "choking". After the sword was sung, the mother sword had become a long latosolic red sword!
Exquisite fire sword can be as long as a mile at the maximum, but Meng Muyu’s handle is absolutely different from that of heavenly sword array. This sword still has a lot of spare capacity …
But it’s not over yet. Meng Muyu’s long-gone holy tattoo was abrupt and retracted.
The circle of sacred gold Se lines disappeared as soon as it appeared. This time, it poured into the one-mile-long sword in his hands for nothing!
So the latosolic red sword has changed again, and the appearance of gold Se milli light on the edge is close to the feeling of "Tao"
Gold se light wrapped inside latosolic red sword as if you can be firm and not rush, even the sky can be cut with a sword!
It’s hard to raise a kind of awe when the Taoist cultivator looks at the giant sword, including Xiao Wen!
What makes Xiao Wen even more shocked is that his fairy is more affected than others! Whether it’s the exquisite fiery sword, the Falun Gong and the Qibao Xuanhuo Tower, the circulation of the shining part of the giant sword is slightly affected, and the spirit and wisdom are greatly reduced!
Xiao Wen had to guess in his mind that this would not have reached the first level of the fairy device, would it?
Can he stop such a sword?
Can’t stop it!
But the faint glow seems to be taking the initiative to counter the water barrier with the giant sword, which makes Xiao Wen calm down a little.
No matter how powerful that giant sword is, it can’t be better than the water barrier after all, can it?
Then he looked at Haizhu in his own hand.
This bead is really awesome, and the water barrier is still shining, and the giant sword is fighting against it, while Dinghai bead is as stable as ever, not relatively stable but absolutely stable! Attack even the most direct law attack can’t shake it! It probably disdains that giant sword …
So the original milli confidence block or hide the sword Xiao asked more calm.
Even if that giant sword can really cut a crack in the sky?
After all, it is impossible for him to sit still …
Nowadays, the only thing that can stop the giant sword is Dinghai Pearl.
And he was just a little short of piercing the paper and completely mastering Haizhu …
There’s no time. Faster, faster! ! !
It seems that your finger has been clicked on that layer of paper, and you can pierce it with another force!