+172 physical strength

+12% general attack damage
+2% attack distance
Through the throat, through your throat! Normal attack has a 5% chance to interrupt the target’s ongoing casting and make the target release the same skill in 3 seconds. This state can be used once every 6 seconds on a target.
Forbidden? Talk, don’t talk! Skill attack has a 15% chance to interrupt the target’s ongoing casting and put the target into a "silent" state. The trigger effect of skills and props on the same target will be shortened by 5% and 75% respectively for the first time, with a minimum of 15%.
At first glance, the attributes are quite average, but if you see the blessing effect of the equipment behind you, you will definitely not think so. This longbow is definitely a one-on-one weapon. A "throat penetration" effect can have a 5% general attack to interrupt the casting and a "ban"? Words "and 15% interrupt casting. It’s not as simple as adding up" 2% "! This equipment is a very good weapon for an archer. pk and brush map are all available!
"Glug ….." There’s a bit of staring at this weapon. Her spirit arrow spirit arrow theory is a general attack or skill release rhythm is very fast. It must be very good if I can get this equipment, but …
"Glug ….." Aside Cheng Jun is also "really, really good weapon, I really want it", so staring at such an expression makes people laugh.
There are two of them in the team of more than a dozen people who are archers, a heavy archer and a spiritual arrow base.
Yang Ye looked at the two of them with this long bow and smiled "Come on!"
Roll point!
Yang Ye in the miner’s hat has seen the result of the roll point, but he doesn’t know who shot first. Now …
Cut mandarin duck and rotten orange at the same time started their roll roll roll going round and round and then stopped-
A miserable number behind is-ah, look at Cheng Jun’s expression and you will know that his face is bitter. Yes, it is him at 33 o’clock!
Joy took the "ban" from Yang Ye? Say a long bow and smile like a flower, "Evil!" At everyone grin a thank you holding the longbow to one side.
Yang Ye walked up to the orange and patted him on the shoulder to comfort him. He didn’t make the miner’s hat tell the points. Everyone is a friend. This kind of thing depends on luck and directly harms the game. Some of these friends are not worth paying.
Lifting the second piece of equipment, the assassin professions are unable to sit still-
Dark night oboro (leather armor level)
Equipment level 5
+477 physical defense
+423 Magic Defense
+221 Power
+19 physical strength
Oboro worries about the increase of blindness and disorganization skills and the decrease of resistance by 25% for the duration, and gets an acceleration buff to increase the movement speed by 4% for 2 seconds after the end of this state.
This equipment is good!
Yang Ye here hasn’t come to say anything about the assassins there-the high wind hides gluttony at night, the ninja buries snow in blue and white, the blade dance is inseparable, and the blade dance sakura rain has already begun to produce points one by one-
They’re all black-handed guys …
There is an exception-Bin Song, who is also an assassin, but he didn’t join the roll link.
"Chaoyang, why don’t you roll?" Yang Ye asked Bin Song doubtfully. Others looked at him with a puzzled face, but if you think about it carefully, you can also think of the reason.
"That what … I still don’t roll it. I didn’t do anything to play boss." Bin Song was a little embarrassed to write a novel with his head down
That’s it. Bin Song’s grade one is the lowest, almost all of them are soy sauce. Yang Ye originally planned to let him come to the last place to mix equipment, but he has always done well. When playing boss, everyone has no problem. Just this heart to participate in the roll point has also been said.
"Are you all right? roll" Yang Ye slapped Song Bin’s arm and stared at him.
Others are also looking at several assassins in Bin Song, but also a face of so-called saying "It’s okay, I don’t care" and "Ah, everyone is the same" … It’s really nothing, isn’t it?
The dice from Bin Song were turned round and round, and everyone stared at it closely-
So small!
There is no more than 57 points of blue and white snow burial. Bin Song seems to have some hearts and he breathed a sigh of relief.
Night Oboro finally gave a piece of equipment to bury the snow in blue and white, and he was also heartbroken. I hope he won’t sell it if he doesn’t change hands … Equipment Yang Ye There is still one highlight left here, which is also the biggest gain of this raiders boss.
Two black dragons holding double-roasted Youlong in their hands are hovering around the dagger. This weapon is not only stylish, but also has great attributes.
Double-baked Youlong (Dagger Fairy Level)
Equipment level 5
Physical attacks 63~6
Magic attack 522~527
+273 Power
+243 physical strength
When an undetected attack causes damage to the enemy, the first strike damage will be doubled.
When Youlong moves like a dragon, he has a 12% chance to enter the state of Youlong, and his 12% avoidance rate is high. When the avoidance trigger is triggered, he will return to the state of 2% maximum health for 12 seconds.
Cranial Stab: The dagger pierces your soul … Hey, hey, from the brain! Normal attack will cause double damage to the target who has a chance to launch a "Stab-Stab" when hitting the target.
Humans and their days … How strange-abyss Youlong thorn? Bater
This time, not only the assassin, but even Yang Ye, who was holding the dagger, couldn’t help it. The dagger attack was finally broken 6! He Xiage? Eddie sword can only have 5 moves! This is also an assassin’s equipment with high damage, and it is a must-have weapon for killing people and stealing goods in the wild!